I am pleased to introduce the newly branded HarperCollins Japan.

This is the first time HarperCollins will have a true publishing presence in Japan, and we know that our collaboration with Harlequin and their long history in the country will guide us to success. This is an exciting partnership that marriesextensive local expertise with international bestselling authors. We are enthusiastic about this new direction while
remaining loyal to the existing program ? Harlequin will continue to publish its lines of books, light novels written by Japanese authors, comic books and magazines.

The hope is to bring many HarperCollins international bestselling authors to the Japanese market. Our initial focus will be on mystery and historical fiction; later we will expand to other genres including non-fiction and children’s.
All books will be carefully chosen to closely reflect the interests of the Japanese market. I’m pleased to share that the HarperCollins program will launch with international bestselling author Daniel Silva’s The Heist.

This is an exciting time for Harlequin and HarperCollins. There are many complementary aspects to the business and we look forward to a long and successful publishing program in the years ahead.